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We offer a range of mini excavators, from the small 1 ton (but capable) Kubota U10 to the 13 ton Komatsu PC130
You may already be aware, but if you are not....The 'U' Kubota series has zero swing at the back....making it particularly useful in tight conditions

1.0 ton U10 (photo & Specifications)
1.6 ton U15 (photo & Specifications)
2.1 ton U20 (photo & Specifications)
3.0 ton KX71 (photo & Specifications)
3.6 ton U35 (photo & Specifications)
4.6 ton U45 (photo & Specifications)
5.2 ton KX161 (photo & Specifications)
7.5 ton PC75R (photo & Specifications)
13.0 ton PC130R (photo & Specifications)

If you require any other type of digger... please ring: 01491 410511.

Another form of digger we could offer would be a tracked trenching machine.
The cutting width is 4" (100mm) and the cutting depth is 30" (760mm)
See Specifications for additional information



Henley Plant Hire, Pinches Yard, Meadows Farm, Marlow Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 3AA, England.
Tel: 01491 576 224 - Tel: 01491 411 575.
Mobile: 07775 915 400

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